About Us

Greetings friends,

When I became the owner of This Pose Yoga, I knew I wanted a new name that was meaningful to the vision for a yoga studio and space for healing.

I wanted a simple name for the studio—something like a flower, bird, or tree or a common word—instead of Sanskrit (which very few can pronounce). I chose Cardinal Yoga.

Cardinals continue to show up from time to time in my life, as totem animals, with a message of renewed vitality and recognizing self-importance, showing the cycle of life and time with their cheerful color. During my growing up years, with my mother and grandmother as my primary caregivers, we always admired cardinals with their bright red color. I now know red is a color of confidence and passion, traits I work on myself and strive to share with others.

The definition of “cardinal” speaks of teaching and practice as well. Cardinal: of prime importance; synonyms: basic, indispensable, pivotal, essential, fundamental, for most, central, and vital. Cardinal Yoga has teaching of alignment-based yoga, the fundamental and foundational principles.

Cardinal also has importance in astrology, and resonates with me in meaningful ways. In astrology the signs of the zodiac are broken into three quality groups: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Cardinal signs represent the four points of a compass and the entry into a new season. Aries is east bringing spring; Cancer is north, summer; Libra is west, autumn; and Capricorn is south, winter. Cardinal signs are initiatory, active, ambitious, enthusiastic, and independent.

As I honor my Native American heritage I honor the directions and the energy they bring in healing. By honoring and setting the directions in the Studio and Healing Cave we assist each person experience grounding and balance as they enter this space.

This all combines to why I love the name and believe it suits us. As we begin a new year, Cardinal Yoga will be doing much more to share our vision.

Love & Light,