Change is the only constant and an important part of flow. Cardinal Yoga’s Oklahoma City location is closed, but the journey continues north to Yoga Bliss. Yoga Bliss is located at 1605 E 19th St, Edmond, OK. 


Trinity’s Schedule at Yoga Bliss:

Tuesday – Healing Hatha – 6pm to 7:15pm

Thursday – Healing Hatha – 6pm to 7:15pm

Saturday – Intro to Yoga – 10:45am to 12pm.


You can find more information at yogablissok.com.

About the Women’s Retreat

Finding balance and calm in daily practices has greatly influenced Trinity’s life and feeling the difference each day has been amazing. We notice people stressing about the transitions of the day and what comes next and always going, going, and going. Stress can come from over scheduling or higher expectations than are actually possible. It boils down to what story do you tell yourself about the day, each moment, and, oh yeah, breathe. Your breath is your fastest link to balance and calm, the wonderful oxygen to your brain is useful for thinking clearly.  What if you took time to plan the little moments and schedule self care for each morning, noon, and night? Discover what you enjoy most in a day and make it happen. What is your inspiration for each day?

In this retreat you will experience a weekend of slow and thoughtful action. Start the day in silence and daily rituals of tea and breakfast to relax in each moment.  There will be a morning yoga practices and evening restful yoga and meditations. Enjoy a healthy lunch while talking about your favorite things in life and how to be aware of internal language. Rest and enjoy the country air of St. Francis of the Woods in the afternoon.

Meals will be a combination of potluck, hearty salads, and a community conscious meal prep for dinner. At some point over the weekend you will find a calming practice to add to your daily life, whether it is a big meal meditation or a few minutes to smudge yourself in the evening.